My Journey as a Law Enforcement Officer

My Journey as a Law Enforcement Officer

It’s been a little over two and a half years since I started my journey as a law enforcement officer. I find the physical needs are less than I thought however, I try to stay as strong as possible to stay ahead of everyone else.

The main issue with trying to stay fit is trying to get into a routine. Good luck getting a schedule that doesn’t change every five or six days screwing up your routine.

My schedule also shifts every three months throwing my entire routine off. For example I could go from a graveyard shift to a day shift. Normally I would work out in the morning after my graveyard shift and then go home to sleep. During the change to day shift I now have to work out in the afternoon when I would normally be sleeping.

Most people I know sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours on graveyard. Even when I have a normal schedule I sleep maybe 6 hours. I’m constantly tired but I fight through to make sure I go home every night and day. I find a lot of my physical duties come into play when I have to wrestle with a suspect or when I have to chase them.

I personally feel one of the most important things officers should be keeping up on is their stamina and cardio. The reason I feel this is the most important is because if I get in a fight, I need to be able to hold my ground. If I have low stamina, I can’t fight for long before I’m in trouble.

Same goes if I have to chase someone. What happens when I catch them and I’m too tired to hold my ground.  Generally the suspect wants to fight. If I’m out of breath I am not going to be able to handle a suspect who may be bigger than I am. It’s true as a law enforcement officer I don’t have to fight fair however, I tend to try and de-escalate a situation before I have to move to more professionally violent means.

A secondary duty I am part of is my department’s SWAT team. If being a fit officer was important, it is even more important to be a fit SWAT operator. The reason for this is because every call out could be a deadly situation. It will not always be, but I want to be prepared even if it is not.

Overall, it is important to keep fit both mentally and physically when in this line of work. Stay safe.

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