Are You Ready To #RISEANEW?!

Are You Ready To #RISEANEW?!

Often times in life we find ourselves with our backs against the wall, ready to quit, and unsure of what our next move will be. We created this #RISEANEW challenge to help you rise from the ashes by burning your former self! We are getting rid of what no longer serves us in our lives and moving forward by picking 3 everyday actions to better our lives over the course of 45 days! This can be anything from quitting smoking, to stop binge eating, to begin working out consistently each week. This is about commitment and betterment to oneself. So are you ready to #RISEANEW?! To get started, follow these simple steps listed below.

1) If you have Instagram, post this photo on your Instagram and write your 3 everyday actions you will be taking for the new 45 days! Make sure to also include the hashtag #RISEANEW in your description so other people can follow your progress.
If you don't have Instagram, save this photo and begin writing on your calendar to keep yourself accountable.
2) Here is a short video of my very own 3 actions I will be doing everyday for the next 45 days! Have fun and lets all #RISEANEW together as one!



Wishing you all the best!

Stay safe!
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