Start Pairing Omega-3s With These Delicious Foods To Increase Absorption

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Start Pairing Omega-3s With These Delicious Foods To Increase Absorption

 These statements are my own, I'm not a doctor, and before changing your diet in any way, you should always consult with your physician.

          When we look at omega-3s or fish oils, we mainly have 3 kinds. These are phospholipids, triglycerides, and ethyl esters.

          Phospholipids are not fats since they have glycerol, two fatty acids, and phosphorus. These are usually seen paired with astaxanthin which are more bioavailable but not enough to justify the difference in cost. Triglycerides have glycerol and three fatty acids, which makes them fats. These are more bioavailable than ethyl esters and not too expensive either. Some studies show as high as 75% absorption. Ethyl esters are synthetically made in a lab by separating the fatty acids from glycerol. A single fatty acid is attached to a molecule of ethanol (alcohol). These are the least bioavailable, some only being between 20-50% bioavailable.

          Now that we have gone over how not to absorb the heavy metals in fish in our previous blog, we will now go into how to absorb the omega-3s better. Assuming we drop the phospholipid fish oil (the most expensive one), both the ethyl ester and triglyceride-based fish oils have to undergo the same process. They are broken down by bile acids and pancreatic lipase, then absorbed through your intestinal walls. How effective your body is at these processes will determine how much you absorb. This could mean being at least 20-50% bioavailable. To make sure you absorb as much omega-3s as possible, it is good to increase your body's bile production before a meal high in omega-3s. Some supplement companies actually manufacture bile salts. However, unless prescribed by a Doctor, I would not advise these as you can damage your body if done wrong. Natural things such as lemon, choline, bitter foods, taurine, and beets have been shown to increase the body's bile production. (I usually drink lemon water before my high omega-3 meals). We also want to make sure we are giving the omegas plenty of fat to be absorbed with, so make sure anytime you ingest omega-3s, try pairing them with eggs, steak, natural fish, or macadamia nuts.

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