I stumbled across Blue Shield through their charity donations. Thought I would give the REM Sleep Aid a try. I am usually a night owl which affects my work life sometimes. I am not a fan of prescription sleep aids so I have looked for other methods to get restful sleep. 

For the last 6 months I have been using a competitive product with happy results. The last 2 weeks I have been using the REM Sleep Aid and I have been blown away by the results. I was worried about the flavor, but the taste is really good. Within usually 10-15 minutes of drinking it, I can feel myself getting sleepy. I have been waking up to my first alarm and feeling rested. I use to struggle in the mornings to get out of bed and ready for work. Now I get up and start my day feeling like I have already had a cup of coffee. This will be a regular purchase moving forward.


Wanted to try the REM Sleep Aid a few nights before I gave an official review. I have been on prescription meds for sleep for a good portion of my adulthood for chronic insomnia due to ever changing work shifts. I gave this a try and slept like a baby the nights I took it. I have consulted with my Dr. and he gave me the green light to continue with this and stop my sleeping aid. I'm so happy for this formula and look forward to drinking it every night, the peach mango flavor also curbs my late night sweet tooth. A win all around for this stuff! If you are looking for a natural sleep aid and recovery formula this is it!

Kenneth M.

Hi Team, I work in Law Enforcement in New South Wales, Australia and I recently purchased some of your products. I just want to say it's a breath of fresh air to see an interest in the lifestyle and physical demands of Law Enforcement. I think your dedication and understanding can easily be seen through the quality of your products. I will be recommending to the family I work with, keep up the good work.


Stamina Intra-Workout is a must if you need stamina and focus. I noticed it gave me an overall feeling of well being as well. Order came super fast too! Really glad to support this company they are doing great things and making a great product.

Kenneth M.

Why Blue Shield Nutrition?

Blue Shield Nutrition supplements are designed to help you attack any field! We have experienced the everyday duties of Law Enforcement and with years of service in the field, we realized there is nothing out there to replenish what you lose doing back to back 16 hour days while taking on high levels of stress until now! Blue Shield Nutrition supplements are designed to eliminate the health problems that come from a high stress environment.* Whether you're on patrol on the 15th hour of the 7th day, rushing into a burning building, or responding to a medical emergency, our supplements will help you conquer each day at 110% every day!* Each year we give back to our Law Enforcement background by donating a percentage of our proceeds to the Concerns of Police Survivors Organization.  

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